Bar Graphs

Subject: Math

Grade Level: 5th

 Florida Sunshine State Standard:
-MA.5.S.7.1- Construct and analyze line graphs and bar graphs.
-Collect, organize, analyze, and display data (bar graphs).
-Students will organize and graph data into a bar graph using “Smarties” candy.
 -Students need to learn how to organize information on a graph to manipulate it. When a student can graph data they can then do such things as compare the data with another graph and tell information needed about the data easily.
*This lesson is tiered in content according to readiness.
-One roll of “Smarties” candy for each student
-Teacher made example graph (one horizontal one vertical)
-Graph paper
-Another example graph in case students need more practice or another visual
-Introduce students to bar graphs by putting up example graph and telling students today they will learn how to create a bar graph just like this only they get to use candy.
-Students will use prior knowledge of other graphs learned such as line graphs and will be able to see the differences in the way the information is presented visually.
1. Put bar graph up of class. Introduce bar graphs.
2. Discuss parts of the bar graph including title, horizontal and vertical axis labels. Explain importance of each part. “Why would we use this information on the graph?”
3. Give each student one roll of candy, graph paper and crayons.
4. Have the children sort the candy by color.
5. Discuss labels for each of the parts on the graph paper. Give the graph a title. Also decide what information needs to be included on the horizontal and vertical axis.
6. Each color in the candy pack should have a column. (White, pink, orange, green, and yellow).
7. Decide what numbers should go along the side of the graph. “How many come in a pack?”
8. Discuss a way to represent each color on the graph. Students will color one square for each candy and its color. (For example, if a student has three green Smarties, that student will color three green squares).
9. Students will color one square for each candy to create their bar graph.
** For students who cannot make a graph using paper and crayons they will be allowed to use a computer to construct a graph
Tier 1:
Below Grade Level Learners
-These students will be responsible for setting up the graphs of the smarties candies. They will be asked to answer questions such as “What is the horizontal axis?” “What is the vertical axis?” “What is the title?” **teacher will tell them to refer back to the teacher made graph for clues**
Tier 2:
Grade Level Learners
-These students will construct their bar graphs and make an analysis of their findings. They will write a paragraph about their findings to share with their classmates. They will answer the following questions in their paragraph:
1. What color did I have the most of in my package of “smarties”?
2. What color did I have the least of in my package of “smarties”?
3. Where there any colors I did not have any of in my package of smarties?
4. Why do you think there are some colors that are more common than others?
Tier 3:
Above Grade Level Learners
-These students will take the graphing portion of the lesson to the next level. These students will predict what the most popular color of the classroom was. After making their prediction they will do a class poll of the most popular color and construct a bar graph showing the class’ results.
-Students will be assessed in their own tier assessments. These assessment results will be applied toward curriculum needs.